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What is a widget?

See also Social media glossary and cool tools

  • "...In computing, a web widget is a software widget for the web..."
  • "...a widget is a portable, reusable bit of code and an example of the do it yourself philosophy of the web... a widget can be embedded into a blog, wiki or other web page; the code is not intended to be a complete application but rather a specific feature that can be re-used by other applications."
  • According to Wikipedia, a widget is "... a small application with limited functionality that can be installed and executed within a web page by an end user. A widget has the role of a transient or auxiliary application, meaning that it just occupies a portion of a webpage and does something useful with information fetched from other websites and displayed in place. Other terms used to describe web widgets include: portlet, web part, gadget, badge, module, webjit, capsule, snippet, mini and flake. Widgets are typically created in DHTML, JavaScript, or Adobe Flash..."

Further reading

"...in the next few years, the further development of social, educational and research networks, semantic search techniques and online personal start-page tools, will be dictating how users will look and search for information. See the introduction of the Library Toolbar (http://tinyurl.com/33po8s) and the paper “Into the User Environment”. See Guus' widget box. The development of library widgets for users plus a Netvibes Universe for educational and instructional purposes is [my] latest project. Multi-User Virtual Environments (MUVEs), such as Second Life, are interesting because of the great implications these environments will have on education, training and social life."


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