Top 10 Canadian Health Websites 2014

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CHI websites are key in promoting health and wellness
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The Top Ten Canadian Consumer Health Websites is a project that appears to be undertaken every three or four years by the Consumer Health Information Providers Interest Group (CHIPIG). Originally, the project was based on ideas put forward by Susan Murray and Dean Giustini in 2006. CHIPIG members have presented their findings about determining the top Canadian health websites at conferences, and in poster presentations. The 3rd revised edition of the Top Ten Canadian Consumer Health Websites was based on a survey sent out to Canadian health librarians in Fall 2014. The selection (vote) was based on a multiple criteria, such as credibility, currency, disclaimer, disclosure, purpose & target audience, user-friendliness & interactivity with a focus on accessibility. For more information, see the CHIPIG website.

See also Top Ten (10) Canadian Health Websites 2010 and Top Ten Canadian Health Websites 2006.

The Top Ten Canadian Consumer Health Websites for 2014

  1. Canadian Cancer Society
  2. Heart and Stroke Foundation
  3. About Kids Health – Sick Kids
  4. HealthLink BC
  5. Eat Right Ontario (Dietitians of Canada)
  7. Centre for Addictions and Mental Health
  8. Healthy Canadians
  9. Canadian Diabetes Association
  10. The Kidney Foundation of Canada

For more information or to provide feedback, contact Erin Culhane See also Top Ten (10) Canadian Health Websites 2010 and Top Ten Canadian Health Websites 2006.

CHIPIG Top Ten Website Subcommittee

  • Valeria Raivich, MLS, University Health Network
  • Bozenna Karczewska, MLS, Bridgepoint Health
  • Erin Culhane, MI, University Health Network
  • Elizabeth Aitken, MLIS, University of Calgary
  • Po-lin Cheung-Leung, Dip. LIT, University Health Network
  • Tara Zarrin, MLS

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The HLWIKI International Advisory makes consumer health information (CHI) available to all -- however, it is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as advice or as a substitute for consulting a doctor. While we strive to keep all content current and correct, we make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability or suitability of information, products, services, or related graphics contained here or on any of the websites listed. Only qualified health providers can provide health care e.g., they will take your health history, examine you, and bring their expertise and experience to bear on evaluating you. Put simply, advice regarding your care should always include your physician and other health providers. Please ask your local health librarian for further assistance.
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