Ten (10) portals on health librarianship

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What is a portal?
"...a portal is a convenient starting point for users who wish to explore several possible web navigation paths as determined by an expert in the field; it typically provides both a consolidated view of information with links to the best information that can be reached on the topic at hand..."

HLWIKI International is an online encyclopedic source of information about health libraries, social media and information technology topics. The wiki is used by information professionals and health professionals around the world. HLWIKI has grown to ~1100 topics, and as of October 2016, more than 17+ million page views. An advisory team of medical librarians has recommended that portals be created to aggregate and group content along themes. As the wiki grows, the plan is to provide better subject access to entries and metadata, and to draw distinctions between material. This wiki is open to suggestions and additional members so please contact the wiki administrator.

I. Canadian consumer health information (CHI) portal 800px-Flag of Canada.svg.png

II. Data management portal

III. Health librarian competencies (draft) new2.gif

IV. History of medicine portal

V. Information technology topics

VI. Managing health libraries portal

VII. Medical education portal

VIII. Research Portal for Academic Librarians

IX. Social media portal

X. Teaching library users

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