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  • What does the research or evidence say about web 2.0 or (social media) in library and information science? Other fields?
  • An evidence "base" is growing with a surge of interest in Facebook and Twitter
  • What is the connection between web 2.0 and teaching?
  • Scholarly publishing and communication? Interdisciplinary practices?
  • What kinds of social media research have been done thus far (i.e. surveys, case studies, etc.)?
  • Are there robust studies of using social media in librarianship? Discuss them.
  • For LIS professionals new to web 2.0, where is a good place to start (based on the cited evidence)?
  • Do LIS schools expect students to have web 2.0 and media literacies?
  • Is the effective use of social media a critical competency for LIS professionals?
  • What differences exists between digital natives and those described as digital immigrants?
  • Given its potential for social interaction, does web 2.0 provide health benefits to its users?


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