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Wikis are used throughout society for collaborative ventures, as a platform for scholarly communication and keeping current with new knowledge. If used responsibly, wikis can foster innovative, democratic and distributive approaches to creating and sharing knowledge. This is a selective list of the best health-related and medical wikis worldwide:

A to Z

  1. AIDS Wiki
  2. Ask Dr. Wiki - Open Access Medical Informatics Group
  3. Autism Wiki
  4. Clinfowiki - by Dean F. Sittig
  5. Consumer Health Information Service (CHIS) - Toronto Public Library)
  6. Diabetes Wiki
  7. EBM Librarian wiki
  8. ECGpedia
  9. Efficient MD Wiki
  10. eHealth Wiki (JMIR)
  11. Flu Wiki
  12. Ganfyd - Get A Note From Your Doctor (U.K.)
  13. Health Grid Wiki
  14. HemOnc.Org
  15. HLWIKI International
  16. Just the Facts wiki
  17. KidneyWiki
  18. Libre Pathology wiki
  19. McGill Library Global Health Resource Guide
  20. Medical Images Wiki
  21. Medical Imaging
  22. Medpedia
  23. MedSkills wiki project new2.gif
  24. Nursing Wiki
  25. OncoWiki
  26. OpenWetWare
  27. Pathology Informatics wiki
  28. PathPedia
  29. Physiopedia - Webducate, an e-learning company in the UK
  30. Psychology wiki
  31. The Quality of Medical Data
  32. Radiopaedia
  33. RationalWiki
  34. Wellness Wiki
  35. WikiCancer
  36. WikiDoc - The Original Medical Wiki / Encyclopedia
  37. WikiGenes
  38. WikiHealth
  39. WikiPatient
  40. WikiPremed MCAT Course new2.gif
  41. Wikisurgery - The Free Surgical Encyclopedia

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The HLWIKI International Advisory makes consumer health information (CHI) available to all -- however, it is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as advice or as a substitute for consulting a doctor. While we strive to keep all content current and correct, we make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability or suitability of information, products, services, or related graphics contained here or on any of the websites listed. Only qualified health providers can provide health care e.g., they will take your health history, examine you, and bring their expertise and experience to bear on evaluating you. Put simply, advice regarding your care should always include your physician and other health providers. Please ask your local health librarian for further assistance.
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