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Montagnais People making a bark canoe, Murray Bay (Pointe-au-Pic), Quebec, circa 1863
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Aboriginal health is a critical issue in Canada, and a growing field of some importance in Canadian health research. Aboriginal health carries with it some importance of developing culturally-sensitive approaches and services in order to better serve Aboriginal communities. The phrase informs research of various kinds around health inequalities for Canada's Aboriginal peoples and First Nations' communities. In the 1982 Constitution Act, "Aboriginal" is used to refer to three distinct groups: the First Nations people, Inuit and Métis peoples of Canada. Across the country, Aboriginal health programs are being developed to help Aboriginal people lead healthier, longer lives and to prevent chronic and contagious diseases from taking root within their communities. Although the focus is often on health promotion, Aboriginal peoples still have a propensity towards developing diabetes, infectious diseases and addictions. In doing systematic review searching for Aboriginal health research, health librarians and information retrievalists may want to devise their own search filters by using the terms that are most appropriate for the given population and geographic region (they are investigating). For some idea into the many terms, languages and geographies involved, see the evolving Aboriginal health search filters below.

For some in-depth information on search filters for aboriginal health, see the University of Alberta Library's search filters project Alberta flag.png 800px-Flag of Canada.svg.png.

Aboriginal health search filter options

The four Inuit regions where Inuit live: 1) northern coastal region of Labrador 2) Nunavik in northern Quebec 3) territory of Nunavut 4) Inuvialuit region in Northwest Territories

Tip: Some biomedical databases require the use of a wildcard where apostrophes, colons and other diacritical marks are used in Aboriginal terms, names and languages. Therefore, for words such as Me'taleyn OR Mi’kmaq should be entered into a tool like OvidSP as Me*taleyn or Mi*kmaq

  • Consider MeSH:
  • "health services, indigenous"/ OR "Indians, North American"/ OR "Inuits"/ OR Arctic Regions/ OR "American Native Continental Ancestry Group/" OR "community-based participatory research"/

  • Consider keyword variations for "aboriginal people":
  • aboriginal OR "first nation*" OR "indigenous Canadians" OR inuit OR metis OR "native people*" OR tribal OR tribe*
  • consider also French equivalents such as autochtone / Premières nations

  • Consider misc. keywords:

  • Consider names/reserve names/keywords:
  • Algonquin OR Aleut* OR Anishinabek OR Anishnabek OR Chipewyan OR Cree OR Dene OR eskimo* OR Gitskan OR Huron OR Innu OR Inuktitut OR Inuk OR Inupiat* OR Iqaluit OR Iroquois OR Kalaallit* OR "Kawawachikamach Québec" OR Kahnawa:ke OR Kitikmeot OR Kitimat OR Kivalliq OR Kwakiutl OR Manitoulin OR Metis OR Miawpukek OR Micmac OR Mi’kmaq OR Mohawk OR Mushkegowuk OR Naskapi OR Nisga'a OR Nakoda OR Nakota OR Oji-Cree OR Ojibway OR Oki OR Opaskwayak OR Pauktuutit OR Qikiqtani OR Qayuqtuvik OR "Rankin Inlet" OR Sekon OR Sioux OR Tungasugit OR Tuttarvingat OR "Vuntut Gwitchin"

  • Consider geographic areas/villages/towns/keywords:
  • Akwesasne OR Arctic OR Athabasca OR "Canadian Arctic" OR "Chesterfield Inlet" OR "Deline, Northwest Territories" OR "Eeyou Istchee" OR Inukjuak OR Igluligaarjuk OR Inuvialuit OR Ivujivik OR "James Bay" OR Kuujjuaq OR "Mackenzie River Basin" OR Mistissini OR Nain OR Nemaska OR "Newfoundland and Labrador" OR "Northern Alberta" OR "Northern British Columbia" OR "Northern Canada" OR "Northern Manitoba" OR "Northwestern Ontario" OR "Northern Quebec" OR Nunatsiavut OR Nunavut OR Nunavik OR Nutaqqavut OR "Oujé-Bougoumou" OR Shubenacadie OR "Slave Lake" OR Subarctic OR "Subarctic Ontario" OR Wikwemikong

  • Add as many synonyms as needed for Canadian Aboriginal peoples in your searches
  • Search filter precision can be improved by NOTing out irrelevant content (NOT Australia* for example)

Language groups

  • Consider adding any of these languages to your search filter: Abenaki OR Algonquin OR "Babine-Witsuwit'en" OR Beothuk OR Blackfoot OR "Broken Slavey" OR Bungee OR Carrier OR Cayuga OR Chiac OR Chilcotin OR "Chinook Jargon" OR "Coast Tsimshian" OR Comox OR Cree OR "Dene Suline" OR Dogrib "Gwich’in" OR Haida OR Haisla OR Halkomelem OR Heiltsuk OR "Innu-aimun" OR Inuinnaqtun OR Inuktitut OR Inupiaq OR Iñupiatun OR Inuvialuktun OR Kaska OR Kutenai OR Kwak'wala OR "Labrador Inuit Pidgin French" OR Lillooet OR "Malecite-Passamaquoddy" OR Michif OR Mi'kmaq OR Mohawk OR Munsee OR Naskapi OR Nicola OR Nitinaht OR Nlaka'pamuctsin OR Nuu-chah-nulth OR Nuxalk OR Oglala Lakota OR Oglala Sioux OR Ojibwe OR Okanagan OR Oneida OR Onondaga OR Ottawa OR Potawatomi OR Saanich OR Sekani OR Seneca OR Sháshíshálh OR Shuswap OR Slavey OR Squamish OR St'at'imcets OR Tagish OR Tahltan OR Tlingit OR Tsuut’ina OR Tuscarora OR Tutchone OR Ucwalmicwts OR Western Abnaki OR Wyandot

See also Google Endangered Languages Project

Research into Métis populations

Several literature reviews have highlighted the under-representation of the Canadian Métis in aboriginal health research. Health, medical and social sciences literature databases should be searched for this topic, including the Cochrane Library, CINAHL, Embase, PubMed, PsychInfo and Web of Science

Some search terms to consider:

  1. Consider these MeSH: "health services, indigenous"/ OR "Indians, North American"/ OR "Inuits"/ OR Arctic Regions/ OR "American Native Continental Ancestry Group/"
  2. Consider these possible keywords: Aboriginal OR Indigenous OR native OR "First Nation" OR Indian
  3. Consider these keywords: "Métis" OR "mixed-blood" OR "half-breed"
  4. Consider these keywords: Mixed OR European OR Caucasian OR white and "Canada"
  5. Consider these keywords: Cree OR Ojibwe OR Algonquin OR Saulteaux OR Menominee OR Mi'kmaq OR Maliseet
  6. Consider these geographic locations: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Northern Ontario, Northern Saskatchewan (other geographic terms)
  7. Consider these language groups: Cree OR Saulteaux OR Assiniboine OR Michif OR Bungee OR Métis French

Key databases & websites

Major journals in Aboriginal health


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