Top Ten (10) Canadian Health Websites 2010

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The Top Ten Canadian Consumer Health Websites is a project undertaken by the Consumer Health Information Providers Interest Group (CHIPIG) in 2010, and was based on a survey sent to CHLA/ABSC members. The list was presented as a poster presentation at the 2010 CHLA/ABSC (Canada) conference in Kingston, Ontario.

CHIPIG said that "no clear favourite" emerged from the 2010 survey but the top three sites tied at 10 votes each. Each of the sites submitted had a different focus and fell into broad categories such as women, children, disease-specific and health promotion. The group opted to compare websites in each category and select those that stood out. Because their choices were the best in different subject areas, they felt they couldn’t rank them from one to ten. Instead the list is presented alphabetically:

Top Ten (10) (in alphabetical order)

  1. AboutKids Health
  2. Canada Safety Council
  3. Canadian Cancer Society
  4. Caring for Kids
  5. Dietitians of Canada
  6. Heart and Stroke Foundation
  7. Here to help
  8. PasseportSanté
  10. Women’s Health Matters

Honourable Mention

CHIPIG Top Ten Website Subcommittee

  • Tom Flemming, (Retired) MA, MLS, AHIP
  • Mary Anne Howse, Manager, Library Services, Women's College Hospital
  • Erica Lee, Librarian, AIDS Committee of Toronto
  • Lily Mac, Community Information Librarian, AIDS Committee of Toronto
  • Marg Muir, Coordinator, Health Information Centre, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre; Coordinator, Health Information and Wellness Centre, Trillium Health Centre
  • Elizabeth Puckering, Reference Librarian, Mississauga Library System

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