Top 100 Ways Information Professionals Use Social Media

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Top 100 Tools ~ Top 100 Ways To Use Them
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My students in LIBR559M - Social media for information professionals and I performed a scavenger hunt on the web to find new ways information professionals (i.e. archivists, librarians and museum curators) use social media. We did not employ any methodologies in this activity, just a simple sharing of websites and the eureka moment "Oh, that's a cool way to use that tool ... and here's why, take a look yourself". Many information professionals use social media to promote libraries, archives and museums (LAMs), build relationships and connect with users -- but what other ways is social media used? This list represents our collective web surfing for the Top 100 Ways Librarians Use Social Media -- and, as such, represents a small sliver of best practices. It's meant to be a fun list! And, an opportunity to share our work with others. This list will be posted on our blogs and we will send tweets to share this information in the first week of August 2010. Feel free to share your favourite examples.


Archives 2.0 (2 sites)

Associations (5 sites)


Blogs (9 sites)

Bookmarking (2 sites)

Facebook (7 sites)

Librarian 2.0 (7 sites)

Library 2.0 (18 sites)

LibraryThing (2 sites)

Location-based services (Foursquare, Gowalla)

Mobile & smartphone access


Museums 2.0 (3 sites)

OPAC 2.0 (4 sites)

Photosharing (5 sites)

Podcasting (4 sites)

RSS feeds

School library 2.0 (5 sites)

Second Life (3 sites)


Slide & presentation sharing

Twitter (3 sites)

Wikis (4 sites)

YouTube & other video (6 sites)


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