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This is a jump-page or portal of entries pertaining to teaching library users; some files are not complete, or even started, in some cases.

What is a portal? ~ "...a portal is a convenient starting point for users who wish to explore several possible web navigation paths as determined by an expert in the field; it typically provides both a consolidated view of information with links to the best information that can be reached on the topic at hand..."

A to Z

"...A teacher must always seek a thoughtful match between pedagogy & pupil..."
"...adult learners know their needs and, in a pragmatic way pursue knowledge according to their needs..." – Knowles, 2005
"...sapere aude is the Latin phrase meaning "Dare to know" or "dare to be wise"

A nearly-complete view of learning theories
Source: Public domain image


see S+R's latest Issue Brief, "Leveraging the Liaison Model: From Defining 21st Century Research Libraries to Implementing 21st Century Research Universities."

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