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Susan Murray, Retired Head Librarian, Life Sciences Library, McGill University800px-Flag of Canada.svg.png
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Susan Murray, retired Canadian health librarian and consumer health information expert, was born in Cleveland, Ohio, moving to Rochester New York in 1969 and then to Toronto to attend the University of Toronto. She earned her bachelor of arts, master of library science and master of arts in history from the UofT. In 2013, she resigned from her position as the Head of the Life Sciences Library, McGill University.

During her career, Murray was a leading voice in consumer health information (CHI) managing the Toronto Reference Library's Consumer Health Information Service (which closed in 2009 due to cutbacks). While at CHIS, Murray created a provincial service to assist consumers in accessing information. She was the project manager for the Complementary and Alternative Health Affiliate of the Canadian Health Network from 1999 to 2007 before it too closed. Murray spoke extensively about CHI and authored Developing a Consumer Health Information Service: A Practical Guide. She also contributed to the 2008 MLA Guide to Health Literacy at the Library "Health literacy in Canada: highlighting library initiatives" published by Neal-Schuman. She was on the editorial boards of several journals such as the Journal of Consumer Health on the Internet (Editor of the Web Sitings column), A Patient's Guide to Medical Information and Journal of the Medical Library Association.

Murray was active in health librarian associations, having served as President of CHLA/ABSC (Canada), CAPHIS Chair, Chair of the MLA Books Panel, and member of MLA’s Health Information Literacy Task Force. In 1999, Murray won the Margaret Ridley Charlton Award for Outstanding Achievement. She is a Distinguished Member of the Academy of Health Information Professionals. In addition to her work in health librarianship, Murray is known for her interest in film, and has worked for the National Film Archives in Ottawa and the Cinematheque Ontario Film Reference Library for the Toronto International Film Festival.


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