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What is a portal? ~ "...a portal is a convenient starting point for users who wish to explore several possible web navigation paths as determined by an expert in the field; it typically provides both a consolidated view of information with links to the best information that can be reached on the topic at hand..."

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" of the main opportunities afforded by social media is being able to listen to your community and their discussions about ideas that are important to them; this is why librarians can make use of tools such as Facebook and Twitter as part of their overall strategies to solve communication challenges in their work ..." A word of caution to librarians: "...Don't use any social media to provide library service if a majority of users cannot access the tool in the first place. I would only add that you can't plan for a sustainable service using the volatile tools of the social web. Many tools are best used for short bursts of contact and communication with your user groups or for professional networking..."Dean Giustini
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