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Filters (ie. hedges) or search filters are defined as: "...a [single] search term or terms (such as 'randomi?ation' or 'random allocation' for RCTs) that select studies that are at the most advanced stages of testing for clinical application" (Wilczynski et al 1995, p436). In other words, " filters or hedges consist of a combination of terms, generally drawing on free-text, controlled vocabulary and metadata."

Note that many databases now use social media as a controlled term. In Medline, the MeSH social media was introduced in 2012. Blogging was introduced as a MeSH in 2010.

Possible search terms for your social media filter

  • All purpose social media search filter:
  • blogs* "blogging"; "experience project"; "health 2.0"; "instant messaging"; "medicine 2.0"; "second life"; "social media"; "video-sharing"; "virtual world"; "webcasts as topic"; bebo; biomedexperts; blog; carepages; caringbridge; citeulike; connotea; crowdsourcing; cyworld; cyworld; dailystrength; doximity; dropbox;; facebook; flickr; friendster; gaming; habbo; hi5; hyves; igoogle; imedexchange; instagram; linkedin; livejournal; mediawiki; mendeley; microblogging; myfamilyhealth; myspace; netvibes; orkut; pageflakes; patientslikeme; picasa; pinterest; plaxo; podcast; reddit; renren; researchgate; rss; sciencestage; screencast; slideshare; studivz; tumblr; twitter; videocast; vimeo; vodcast; webcast; widget; wiki; wordpress; youtube; zotero; “e-learning”; “face book”; “push technology”; “really simple syndication”; “social medium”; “social networking”; “social network”; “social software”; “social web”; “streaming video”; “video streaming”; “web 2.0”; “web log”; “web2”;
  • Major concepts/trends:
  • "social web" or "social media" or "social software" or "social networks" or "social networking" web2 or "web 2.0" or "web 2" or "medicine 2.0" or "health 2.0" or "nursing 2.0" or "pharmacy 2.0" OR "mobile social networks"
  • we are starting to see concepts such as "education 2.0" and "telemedicine 2.0", and ongoing usage of "library 2.0"
  • MeSH:
  • blogging OR blogs OR cellular phone OR internet OR social media OR webcasts
  • Types:
  • blog* OR blogging OR "collaborative writing" OR "collaboration tools" OR conferencing OR chat OR crowdsourcing OR gaming OR "instant messaging" OR microblogging OR "mind-mapping tool*" OR podcast OR RSS OR "really simple syndication" OR screencast* OR "social network*" OR "social bookmark*" OR "social bibliography" OR "social document*" OR "photograph-shar*" OR "presentation-shar*" OR "video-sharing" OR "virtual world*" OR vodcast OR videocast OR "web browser*" OR wiki* OR widget
  • Tools:
  • Anobii OR BibSonomy OR Blogger OR Bloglines OR CiteULike OR Connotea OR Cyworld OR Delicious OR Diigo OR Dropbox OR Ello OR Facebook OR Flickr OR FourSquare OR Friendster OR "Google blogsearch" OR "Google Docs" OR "Google Flu" OR "Google Buzz" OR "Google Chat" OR "Google Reader" OR Gowalla OR iGoogle OR Instagram OR LibraryThing OR LifeStream LinkedIn OR Mendeley OR MySpace OR Netvibes OR Pageflakes OR Picasa OR Pinterest OR Podscope OR Reddit OR Scribd OR SlideShare OR Sliderocket OR Skype OR "Second Life" OR Snapchat OR Tumblr OR Vimeo OR WebMD OR Wikipedia OR WordPress OR Twitter OR Uber OR UStream OR Whatsapp OR Yammer OR YouTube OR Zoho OR Zotero
  • Platforms:
  • Mendeley OR Moodle OR PatientsLikeMe OR Second Life OR YouTube OR Zotero

Possible PubMed filter

  • "Social Media"[Mesh] OR "Blogging"[Mesh] OR "Webcasts as Topic"[Mesh] OR "Social Media" OR “web 2.0” OR "medicine 2.0"[tiab] OR "health 2.0"[tiab] OR Blog* OR Webcast* OR “Streaming Video” OR “video streaming” OR Podcast* OR RSS OR “Really Simple Syndication” OR facebook OR “face book” Or “web log”[tiab] OR youtube[tiab] OR twitter[tiab] OR “social web” OR “social network” OR “social networking” OR “web2” OR “social software” OR “social medium” OR crowdsourcing OR gaming OR "instant messaging" OR microblogging OR screencast* OR "video-sharing" OR "virtual world" OR "virtual worlds" OR vodcast* OR videocas* OR wiki* OR widget* OR “push technology” OR “e-learning” OR mediawiki[tiab] OR CiteULike[tiab] OR Connotea[tiab] OR Cyworld[tiab] OR Dropbox[tiab] OR Flickr[tiab] OR Friendster[tiab] OR iGoogle[tiab] OR Instagram[tiab] OR LinkedIn[tiab] OR Mendeley[tiab] OR MySpace[tiab] OR Netvibes[tiab] OR Pageflakes[tiab] OR Picasa[tiab] OR Pinterest[tiab] OR Reddit[tiab] OR SlideShare[tiab] OR "Second Life"[tiab] OR Tumblr[tiab] OR Vimeo[tiab] OR WordPress[tiab] OR Zotero[tiab] OR Bebo[tiab] OR CaringBridge[tiab] OR CarePages[tiab] OR Cyworld[tiab] OR DailyStrength[tiab] OR MyFamilyHealth[tiab] OR BiomedExperts[tiab] OR ResearchGate[tiab] OR iMedExchange[tiab] OR[tiab] OR "Experience Project"[tiab] OR Habbo[tiab] OR hi5[tiab] OR Hyves[tiab] OR LiveJournal[tiab] OR Orkut[tiab] OR PatientsLikeMe[tiab] OR Plaxo[tiab] OR Renren[tiab] OR ScienceStage[tiab] OR StudiVZ[tiab] OR Doximity[tiab]


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