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... scholarship 2.0 is devoted to describing and documenting the forms, facets, and features of alternative Web-based scholarly publishing philosophies and practices. The variety of old and new metrics available for assessing the impact, significance, and value of web-based scholarship is of particular interest..." - Scholarship 2.0 Facebook group (now defunct)

How research is conducted

  • Electronic searching vs. going to libraries
  • Access to primary texts
  • Online communities (email lists, online organizations, weblogs, wikis, subject gateways)
  • How scholars present findings to peers
  • Calls for papers online
  • Changes to conference presentations (exchanging papers ahead of time, use of multimedia)
  • Telepresence (meetings, conferences conducted online)
  • Preliminary publications online (gray papers; blogs)
  • How manuscripts are vetted
  • Quicker turnaround
  • Open peer review
  • Collaborations with publishers


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