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Reference books, realia and charts in a medical library collection
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See also CHLA/ABSC (Canada) 800px-Flag of Canada.svg.png | Canadian Virtual Health Library / Bibliothèque virtuelle canadienne de la santé (CVHL / BVCS) | HLWIKI International Advisory

Mission statement:
"Bridging the gap between students and working professionals in health librarianship"

What's New

  • Check out our blog for the latest minutes and event updates! CHLA at SLAIS

Contact Information

  • Want to know what's going on or sign up for updates? Get in touch with us: chla(dot)sig(dot)slais(at)gmail(dot)com

Current Executive and Members


  • Grace Romund (Co-Chair)
  • Carolyn Heine (Co-chair)


  • Helen Halbert, Sehdeep Kaur, James Murphy, Yanli Li, Jessica Whu, Meghan Whyte

Alumni members

  • Maureen Bezanson, Catherine Boden, Allan Cho, Valeria Gallo Stampino, Madhavan Kolayamparampath, Xuemei Li, Jovy-Anne Rosario, Jennifer Rubin Dixey, Robert Stibravy, Tara Stieglitz, Emma Tanis MacEntee, Nazi Torabi, Lili Wang, Michele Wiens, Linda Wong, Wenyu (Venin) Xiang, Qiong Yang, Suher Zaher-Mazawi, Wei Yang, Vera Spika, Sue Bradley, Daniel Hooker, Zhizhong Chang, Chantelle McGree, Sumanjit Manhas, Anna Krangle-Long, Angelyn Hellman, Will Engle, Hui Hui Ou, Jodie Liu, Mariko Kazuta, Mehjabeen, Brigid Winter, Kate Conerton, Morgan Barnes

Executive Position Job Descriptions

  • For more detailed information, see CHLA@SLAIS position descriptions
  • We are currently still looking to fill a number of executive positions for the 2013-2014 term. If you are a SLAIS student and would be interested in sitting on the executive of the CHLA SIG at SLAIS please contact us at chla(dot)sig(dot)slais(at)gmail(dot)com

Archive of previous meeting minutes


In 2006, a group of UBC School of Library, Archival and Information Studies students in the Master of Library and Information Science program interested in health librarianship met to start their own CHLA/ABSC SLAIS Student Interest Group (SIG). The SIG set up a wiki to communicate with members and health librarians in the field and called it the SLAIS CHLA/ABSC pbwiki. Materials were moved in HLWIKI Canada in 2007. SIG appointed members to form the Executive and at a subsequent meeting wrote its mission statement: "Bridging the gap between students and working professionals in health librarianship." The SLAIS SIG reconsolidated itself in 2007-2008. In 2012, the online presence of the SLAIS SIG moved to UBC Blogs. Check us out here: CHLA at SLAIS.

For a review of outgoing Executives' work, see the 2007-2012 minutes.


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