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Research bearing torch of knowledge (1896) by Warner
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Research skills are required for work in biomedicine, and all medical librarians are required to be aware of the competencies and skills needed for active participation in helping others to carry out research. In addition, medical librarians are expected to have adequate knowledge of the health sciences environment including medical terminology and concepts. Sound knowledge of certain competencies for medical libraries is an additional requirement for library personnel.

  • Basic understanding of research methodologies (both quantitative and qualitative)
  • Knowledge and application of citation styles and reference managers (i.e, RefWorks, Zotero & Mendeley)
  • Ability to use research tools such as questionnaires, focus groups and interviews
  • Ability to write research reports
  • Analysis, evaluation and application of research results
  • Knowledge and application of data analysis software (SPSS, Instate etc)
  • Basic knowledge of descriptive and inferential statistics

In 2014, health librarians play key roles in the creation of systematic reviews.

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