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" searchers will find PubReMiner a valuable tool to assist in identifying relevant text words and MeSH terms, but end-users without a sound knowledge of search principles or PubMed search conventions will likely obtain better search results by searching PubMed directly. However, any individual expert searcher or end-user can easily make use of the Author and Journal frequency analysis tables whenever they need to identify experts in a subject area or journals that routinely publish studies on a particular topic. ~ Slater, 2012

PubReMiner is a front-end data mining tool of the international biomedical database, PubMed. PubReMiner will query Pubmed with your specified search query, retrieve all relevant abstracts and generate a list of frequency tables. PubReMiner conducts a statistical analysis in PubMed - MEDLINE and generates tables that list citation frequencies by journal title, authors, MeSH, substances and country, among other things. This alternate overview of the literature provides an interesting lens for focusing subsequent queries and optimizing results. As a simple text-based query building tool, PRM looks at information from a set of PubMed - MEDLINE abstracts and then displays results in frequency tables by journals, authors and textwords.

For systematic review searching, health librarians often recommend scanning the most relevant abstracts for ideas about how to improve search strategies; PubReMiner may also be useful for this purpose.

Uses for PubReMiner

Today’s researchers have access to an increasing number of third-party, home-grown, and open-source tools with which to refine their literature searches in Medline, and PubReMiner is one of them. In addition to building and refining search queries, PubReMiner is helpful for:

  • selecting journals for your research by scanning journals publishing similar research
  • finding experts by viewing top authors associated with your query; ‘authors’ list can be used to locate experts in the field
  • determining research interests of authors by viewing the keywords associated with them; locate experts in the field;
  • locating relevant MeSH terms for a set of references in PubMed; text terms, most common authors, journals, countries and substances

How to read frequency tables

  • PubReMiner will query PubMed - MEDLINE with your specified search query, and retrieve all abstracts and generate frequency tables
  • first table shows journals in which your query is published the most
  • second table shows authors which are most active in the field of your search query
  • third table shows you words that have been used most in the title and abstract of the articles

In addition, MeSH and publication years are displayed, and any new elements you deem important can be added to refine your query. When you are ready to rerun your search, move to PubMed - MEDLINE and view the results.


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