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A timeline of PubMed Central in 2000 to PMC Canada in 2011
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PubMed Central Canada (PMCC) has not been available since July 2014.

PubMed Central Canada (when it was operational) was a web-accessible Canadian archive or repository of biomedical and life sciences research that provided access to free full-text peer-reviewed articles. It was the major source of biomedical research published in both of Canada's official languages, English and French. It provided access to a stable and permanent archive of journal research, and built on and complemented PubMedCentral, the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) digital archive of biomedical sciences literature. The goal of PMCC was to build a research repository by Canadians about Canadian biomedical research. Its philosophy was to provide a platform and searchable index for all Canadians. Although not widely-known, it presented real opportunities for medical librarians to influence the direction of archiving biomedical research in Canada. PubMed Central Canada was created in late 2009 but as of early 2015 its future is in doubt. Stay tuned for developments. DG

PMC International

On the PMC Int'l website it reads:

"...PMC Canada became operational in October 2009, under an arrangement with NLM and NCBI similar to that for Europe PMC. PMC Canada represents a partnership between the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), the National Research Council's Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (NRC-CISTI), and the NLM. Like Europe PMC, PMC Canada receives all of its final published content through the U.S. PMC. It also takes in CIHR-funded author manuscripts directly and makes them available to the U.S. and UK sites."


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