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This entry, Monographs about social media for information professionals, is a listing of monographs published on the use of social media by library and information professionals. The list supports students taking LIBR 559M – a course on social media for information professionals. While we do not read the texts, they are listed as examples of books about social media for LIS students who may want to know about them. The material supplements the academic articles that we examine in the course. See also Social media usage in academic libraries.

By 2015, a flood of monographs have been published on social media and its use in libraries and archives. There is a ton of content originating in the United Kingdom and from Facet publishing. Are there monographs on the topic of social media written by Canadian librarians for information professionals in Canada? Of the ~30 monographs, fifteen (15) were published between 2012 to 2014, and the others were published in the pre-2011 period. Many titles were published by Facet or the American Library Association.

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