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A podcast is a simple yet sophisticated transfer of audio content over the Internet. It allows audio files to be shared among people around the world with a minimum of manual work. Podcasts are usually MP3 audio files that are available for downloading onto your computer and transferred to an iPod or any portable digital-media device that can play MP3 files. Note that MP3 files can also be played right on your Windows, Linux, or Macintosh computer. MP3 is rapidly becoming the de facto standard for audio content.

Podcasting is a contraction of "broadcasting" and "iPod". Synonyms for podcasting are audiocasting and audioblogging; vodcasting - a portmanteau of video and broadcasting - is also a term used due to mobile devices such as the iPhone and video-sharing sites such as Google Video and, of course, An iPhone or iPod is not required to listen to podcasts as they can be played on most players, portable devices, desktop computers or laptops. Some health librarians find that podcasting is useful in promoting library services: 1) for outreach, training and marketing 2) direct personal and professional development and 3) current awareness and learning opportunities for users. The rise of audiovisuals is growing as society uses social media and mobile devices more. In health care, as physicians aim to stay current in evidence-based health care, these programs are also valuable. Some futurists believe we are entering a post-textual era and demand for video will only increase. Other are not so sure that we are leaving text behind at all especially with the rise of eBooks and eReaders.

Finding podcasts

Typically, health librarians can search for podcasts in medicine and medical education through academic, publisher, continuing medical education and patient education websites. (See PubMed search for podcast*). Other examples are iTunes Preview, university websites, the New England Journal of Medicine for publisher podcasts, Audio-Digest Foundation for continuing medical education podcasts, and the American Heart Association for patient education podcasts. Personal experience has shown that searching for podcasts can be difficult, even when using publisher websites or iTunes. Health librarians say that the lack of metadata standards and subjective topic lists make finding podcasts complicated and time consuming.

Video - free medical vids

See Medical video-sharing sites

A to Z medical podcasts

Google page of RSS feeds

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Emergency Medicine




Medical Informatics














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Creating podcasts

There is a wide range and variety of open source software on the Web to enable you to record your own podcasts, such as:

  1. Audacity
  2. Apple
  3. Garage Band 2
  4. iPodder
  5. Podcasting Resources for Educators and Students
  6. NetLingo

Directories, search tools and other lists

There is a wide range and variety of health podcasts and videocasts, which can be located by browsing directories and specific search tools:

  1. Apple iTunes
  2. PubMed - Try: "Videos in clinical medicine"

General consumer health and medical

Though medical journal websites may offer direct downloading or streaming of content, a podcast is distinguished from other digital audio and video formats by its ability to be downloaded automatically using software capable of reading feed formats such as Atom, RSS or XML.

  1. AccessMedicine Weekly Podcasts
  2. AHRQ Healthcare Audio Series
  3. Annals of Internal Medicine - Annals Podcasts
  4. Audio Medica
  5. Centers for Disease Control - United States new2.gif
  6. Cleveland Clinic Center for Continuing Education and Cleveland Clinic Health Edge
  7. CME Podcasting
  8. The Cochrane Collaboration - The latest Cochrane Podcasts
  9. Clinical Podcast
  10. Doctors on health - Medicine.Net
  11. Dr. Rubin - author of Diabetes For Dummies, Diabetes Cookbook For Dummies, Thyroid For Dummies
  12. Dynamed Podcasts
  13. Ivanhoe’s Medical Breakthroughs
  14. Journal of the American Medical Association - JAMA Audio Commentary
  15. Mayo Clinic Health Podcasts
  16. McGraw-Hill Access Medicine
  17. The Merck Manuals - Podcasts
  18. MUSC - Medical University of South Carolina Health Podcast Library and Video Library
  19. National Institutes of Health (NIH) - Research Radio Podcast
  20. MEDLINEplus Surgical videos
  21. National Public Radio (NPR) - Health & Science Monday Podcasts
  22. New England Journal of Medicine
  23. OU Medical Center - Health Matters
  24. The Rounds Table. healthydebate.
  25. UCTV Health and Medicine
  26. University of Chicago - Pritzker Medical School podcasts
  27. University of Michigan Health & Medicine Podcasts
  28. University of Virginia Health & Medicine Podcasts

General science journal podcasts

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