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What is medical French?

Medical French is a starting point " help the medical interviewer learn to conduct a simple but thorough history and physical examination in French. This includes a combination of words, simple phrases, and intermediate-level sentences, arranged under sections for taking a medical history and for physical examination, as well as a glossary of body parts/organs and common diseases. Some knowledge of basic French is helpful." Several start-ups produce medical translation apps such as Canopy Apps via iTunes Canopy Medical Translator.

Canadian & international contexts

French is one of Canada's official languages. There are Francophone communities in many predominantly English-speaking urban centres in Canada but especially in Acadia, Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Ottawa and Toronto. Medical French will help physicians and other health professionals communicate with patients quickly and easily. There are a number of handheld devices that can aid in this form of communication. These tools allow you to communicate with your patient without disrupting your interactions.

Key websites

Patient websites

Medical app for foreign language translation

Canopy was funded by the NIH to create a medical translator application so that clinicians could communicate with patients in any language, instantly - Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Russian and more. It is available as "Canopy Medical Translator" on the Apple App Store (access code 4449). If you're searching for Canopy using an iPad, switch to IPHONE ONLY at the top of the App Store search results.

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