Measuring Research Impact: Introduction to Citation Metrics in Scholarship

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Instructors: Sheryl Adam & Dean Giustini

Resources for workshop


This workshop will provide an introduction to the impact of journals vs. articles ("citation metrics") using the ISI journal impact factor. The workshop provides opportunities to interact with instructors and your peers about how to manage your indexed publications (or unindexed) & how to increase your visibility in an age of social media. You will leave this workshop knowing: - how to use ISI Web of Science and Google scholar to track simple citation counts; pros & cons of each - how to calculate basic impact factors for academic journals (and individual scholars) - how newer tools are trying to account for new ways of measuring visibiity and influence If there is sufficient interest, the instructors will provide advanced sessions about the metrics available.

Altmetric tools

  • focused on making article level metrics easy; mission to track and analyse online activity around scholarly literature;
  • Altmetric score is a quantative measure of quality and quantity of attention given to articles
  • experimental tool co-authored by UBC postdoctorate researcher Heather Piwowar that combines internet metrics with traditional scholarly metrics
  • keep track of your citations; check who is citing your publications, graph citations over time, and compute several citation metrics
  • Plum™ Analytics gives researchers an advantage in conveying more comprehensive views of their output; it measures individual research artifacts, and metrics for labs, departments and other groups.
  • experimental tool using readership metrics from Mendeley, a reference management tool with social networking features
  • estimate of # of times journal articles from particular publishers are cited in 100 largest Wikipedias; uses API and searches for DOI prefixes in main namespace

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