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Linda Slater, Liaison Librarian, University of Alberta Libraries, John Scott Health Sciences Library
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Linda Slater, Canadian health librarian, search expert and researcher, has been a librarian at the John Scott Health Sciences Library, University of Alberta since 1989. She earned a Master of Library Science (MLS) degree from the University of Alberta in 1988. Slater is a library liaison to the UofA Faculties of Nursing, Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation and the Centre for Health Promotion Studies. Slater has experience in searching biomedical databases and has participated in the writing of systematic reviews, while providing search expertise (and instruction) to students and faculty of the UofA health faculties.

Slater was the President of the Northern Alberta Health Sciences Library Association in 1999-2001, and chaired the CHLA/ABSC Annual Meeting Conference committee. She finished a four-year stint as Secretary of CHLA/ABSC in 2004, and later served as Vice President, President and Past-President in 2005–2007. In 2012, Slater won the Margaret Ridley Charlton Award for Outstanding Achievement from CHLA/ABSC (Canada). More recently, Slater has served as a parliamentarian at the CHLA/ABSC annual general meetings. In 2014, Slater became the Treasurer of CHLA/ABSC (Canada), a position she held until 2017. With Marlene Dorgan, Slater co-chaired the 2017 Edmonton conference facilities committee.


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