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  • " ...Library 2.0 is a transformation in the way libraries deliver services to library users. It provides new tools to make library spaces (both virtual and physical) more interactive, collaborative and driven by community needs...encourages collaborative two-way social interactions between staff and customers.... requires user participation and feedback in the development of library services."
  • The concept of Library 2.0 stems from the web 2.0 movement and general use of the 2.0 suffix in a number of fields. Library 2.0 refere to a range of online social tools to meet the needs of library users. The Library 2.0 movement is primarily about innovation, people and building community using the affordances of social media.
  • According to Wikipedia, the vision of the L2 movement is accomplished by encouraging users to share ideas through writing, rating and commenting about library services. Proponents of the L2 concept suspect that a new model for service will eventually replace the traditional, one-directional services that are offered by most libraries.

General principles of Library 2.0

It is difficult to identify Library 2.0 clearly because there is no general consensus about its main attributes or principles. However, here is a growing list of possible features:

  • Librarians are encouraged to create digital resources and services for their users
  • Library services are frequently evaluated and updated to meet the emerging digital needs of users
  • Library collections are made available via open, personalized interactive services that encourage creation, editing, commenting, bookmarking, rating, tagging etc. by users
  • A two-way flow of information from libraries to users and from users to libraries
  • Libraries are encouraged to embrace radical trust with users
  • Libraries give users some measure of control in library 2.0
  • Librarians are knowledgeable about and utilize information tools that are commonly-used

The other d+efinitions

  • "Library 2.0 is all about library users -- keeping those we have while actively seeking those who do not currently use our services. It's about embracing those ideas and technologies that can assist libraries in delivering services to these groups, and it's about participation -- involving users in service creation and evaluation. Library 2.0 is an operating model that allows libraries to respond rapidly to market needs. This does not mean that we abandon our current users or our mission. It is a philosophy of rapid change, flexible organizational structures, new Web 2.0 tools and user participation that will put the library in a much stronger position, ready to efficiently and effectively meet the needs of a larger user population."

- Michael Casey, blogger, LibraryCrunch and his new blog:

  • "The principles of Library 2.0 seek to put users in touch with information and entertainment wherever they may be, breaking down the barriers of space, time and outdated policy. It is a user-centered paradigm focusing on knowledge, experience, collaboration, the creation of new content and encouraging the heart."

- Weman, M. (2010). Library 2.0 - crossing or burning bridges over the digital divide? University of Boras, Sweden.

  • "Library 2.0 is a vision of an open communication between library and patrons resulting in a state of constant purposeful change of the library and empowerment of the patron, mostly made possible by electronic resources."

- Michael Stephens, blogger, Tame the Web

  • "Library 2.0 is very much influenced by technology-driven, two-way, social interactions between staff and staff or staff and patrons. L2 has provided a framework within which we've been able to re-evaluate virtually every aspect of classical librarianship with the end goal of usability and findability in mind."

- John Blyberg, blogger,

  • "Library 2.0 = (books 'n stuff + people + radical trust) x participation"

- Darlene Fichter, Canadian blogger and librarian

  • "Library 2.0 is the natural evolution of library services to a level where the library user is in control of how and when she gets access to the services she needs and wants."

- Thomas Brevik, blogger, Library 1.5

  • '"The role of the information professionals and the libraries (Library 2.0) in this new dimension of the information chain is crucial. We need to put libraries in a stronger position allowing them to respond more quickly and flexibly to user needs, and to new challenges and development..."

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