LIBR 559M - Social Media for Information Professionals, 2016

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This course is designed for MLIS and combined MLIS/MAS students (information professionals, librarians and archivists)
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"...i-Schools prepare a wide range of information professionals including information architect, data analyst, database administrator, web developer, ontologist, usability engineer,
social media strategist, data curator, chief information officer, and of course librarian, archivist, and museum curator..."
— Information Professionals 2050

What is social media anyway? "...Social media or web 2.0 is the use of digital media, including internet and mobile, for collaborating with others in new information channels and self-organizing communities. Typical elements of a social media service include the ability to: 1) create a personal profile 2) “friend” or follow other members to subscribe to their activity streams 3) create content in the form of text, photos, audio, or video and 4) share, tag, rate, comment on or vote on content created by other members. Blogs, forums, wikis, social networking sites, microblogging sites, social bookmarking sites, social voting sites, social review sites and virtual worlds are all example of web 2.0 sites. So are social sites built around photos, audio, videos, presentations, music, and games... "

Course syllabus & powerpoints

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