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Sample job description

  • Manager, Social Media Strategist, Social Media Knowledge & Innovation Support, Rich media librarian

Position description

The social media manager position is responsible for:

  • leading development of social media strategies & policies
  • management, execution & measurement of social media use
  • staff engagement and training in appropriate use of social media respecting client privacy, medical ethics and regulatory considerations
  • maintenance of social networks and postings
  • developing and promoting best-practice policies for social media governance (clinical and non-clinical) and establishing ownership of key networks
  • developing a presence across select social networks
  • developing social media campaigns to support efforts to build profile of programs
  • special event reporting via social media networks outside of regular work hours
  • identifying and interpreting emerging social media practices and trends and working with multimedia agencies to generate and implement new ideas
  • an aptitude and desire to transform patients' lives
  • as part of the knowledge & innovation support, the manager of social media will lead in the planning, implementation and evaluation of social media projects for the health organization


The new social media manager will work collaboratively with internal and external partners and stakeholders in developing strategy and policies and for generating ideas to integrate social media into clinical, research, education and corporate activities. Within this, clinical excellence, inter-professional education and cultural competency are highly valued and will be evident in programming and delivery. The Manager will proactively seek external collaborative opportunities to drive innovation. Supervising staff and monitoring deliverables to ensure delivery of projects are on scope will be important. The candidate will develop and manage partnerships with other hospitals, universities, regulatory bodies, professional associations, government and community agencies and service providers. Internally, the Manager will lead or participate in a number of committees that feed into the use, monitoring and regulation of the use of social media.


The position requires a technologically-savvy self-starter with an entrepreneurial spirit. It requires a degree in media design or communications with specialization in social networks, technology or library sciences, journalism, marketing or public relations, along with 3-5 years of working experience with social media, preferably within a healthcare setting. The candidate will have demonstrated professional experience writing for and building online communities and be currently active on social networks. Excellent written and verbal communication skills are critical to the success of this role. Well-developed product and project management skills will be required to complement an ability to think and plan strategically. The candidate will have proven experience with managing and supervising employees. A clinical background, preferably in mental health and addictions, is a definite asset, as is membership in a regulated health profession. The ability to work with stakeholders of diverse ethno-racial and cultural backgrounds is essential. Bilingualism (French/English) would be an asset.


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