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Jim Henderson, Retired health librarian from McGill University Library
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Jim Henderson retired is known to Canadian health librarians for having worked at the UBC Woodward Library, and the BC College of Physicians and Surgeons Medical Library Service (MLS). Jim helped to introduce DOCLINE into BC hospital libraries. In 2002, he became McGill University's Life Sciences Librarian, and retired from McGill in 2012. Henderson's interests include a range of medical and library domains, including global health, aboriginal health, promoting a National Network of Libraries for Health and improving communication between clinicians and patients through the use of quality health information. He was a long-time member of CHLA/ABSC (Canada) and a past winner of the Margaret Ridley Charlton Award for Outstanding Achievement. He served on the taskforce for the National Network of Libraries of Health. In 2008, Henderson announced he was partnering with faculty to implement a new wiki called the Global Health Resource Guide. In 2012, Henderson retired from McGill University Library, and was given an Honourary Life Membership in CHLA/ABSC. He served on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Virtual Health Library / Bibliothèque virtuelle canadienne de la santé (CVHL / BVCS), and consulted through Jim Henderson and Associates. See Henderson's LinkedIn profile.

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