How social media is changing sports medicine (& the Olympic Games)

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London 2012 ~ dubbed first social media Olympic games
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"...O ancient immortal Spirit, father of beauty, of greatness and truth

Descend, reveal yourself and flash like lightning here, within the glory of your own earth and sky
At running and at wrestling and at throwing, shine in the momentum of noble contests,

And crown with the unfading branch and make the body worthy and iron-like...." ~ Olympic Hymn

Sports medicine, also exercise science, is a branch of biomedicine that deals with the prevention and treatment of injuries resulting from the training and participation in amateur and competitive sports. Sports medicine touches on several related disciplines such as human kinetics, orthopaedics, physical therapy, rehabilitation and osteopathy. Some common sports injuries are bone fracture, overuse injuries, repetitive stress, muscle pulls, tendonitis and sprains. One of the few academic journal editors to use a blog in sports medicine is Dr. Karim Khan from the University of British Columbia. See

In 2012, the growing use of social media in sports medicine is evidence that athletes from around the world want to generate clear, emphatic support (and attention) for themselves as traditional media outlets fail to do so. The immediacy and directness of tools such as Facebook and Twitter is why athletes and coaches have taken to using social media to enhance their profiles within the sporting world and their digital proximity to their fans. For London 2012, many of the sporting events will be actively on social media platforms in order to generate excitement or buzz about the Olympic athletes.

London 2012 is said to be the first social media summer Olympics in history.

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