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Health Technology Assessment International HTAi is a scientific, professional society for those who produce, use or are responsible for creating HTA-related research. The group aims to engage researchers, librarians, policymakers, patients and consumers in HTA because these groups have the most interest in the work of health technology assessment. HTAi acts as a forum for international collaboration and sharing with members from 59 countries and six continents, and is actively committed to international collaboration. HTAi has signed a formal Memoranda of Understanding with the World Health Organization and International Network of Agencies for HTA (INAHTA)] to enable production of reports and research. HTAi takes part in global initiatives with other organizations; a board of directors designates members to represent the society on external initiatives, and interested members are encouraged to contact the HTAi Secretariat.

Health technology assessment producers from Ontario, Quebec, and Alberta partnered with the National Institute for Health Research, Centre for Reviews and Dissemination to create a repository for Canadian HTA reports in the international HTA Database. The goal of the repository is to promote collaboration and reduce duplication among Canadian and International HTA producers and to encourage use of health technology assessments for evidence-based health care decision making within Canada. See

What is HTA?

Health technology assessment (HTA) is the systematic evaluation of the properties and effects of a health technology, addressing the direct and intended effects of this technology, as well as its indirect and unintended consequences, and aimed mainly at informing decision making regarding health technologies.


Health Technology Assessment International HTAi was officially launched in 2003 at an international conference in Alberta, Canada. HTAi focuses on health technology assessment (HTA) and provides a forum for those from health care, academia and business interested in "supporting evidence based decision making in health care policy and practice". As such, there is considerable room for health librarians in the work of HTA due to the importance of expert searching and searching for the grey literature.

HTAi holds annual meetings in health technology assessment, produces an international journal (International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care) and several publications, newsletters, and other information services. Of particular interest to expert searchers, HTAi has a vortal that facilitates searching for health technology information. Some of the subjects included are:

Canadian context

A number of Canadian health librarians have participated in the activities of the HTAi Interest Sub-Group on Information Resources (IRG). The IRG is in developing, collaborating on, and promoting information retrieval methods and technologies appropriate to HTA.

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