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  • Updated.jpg This entry is out of date, and will not be updated, June 2017

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What is a portal? ~ "...a portal is a convenient starting point for users who wish to explore several possible web navigation paths as determined by an expert in the field; it typically provides both a consolidated view of information with links to the best information that can be reached on the topic at hand..."

The Spanish language portal on HLWIKI International is a new feature and one that will be developed over the next year with the assistance of two Spanish-speaking medical librarians, Ana Patricia Ayala from Toronto, Canada and Marta Millaret from Barcelona, Spain. The focus in the first year will be to translate the top ten files on this wiki into Spanish for Spanish-language speakers around the world.

This Spanish-language portal is not intended to replace many of the excellent Spanish files in Wikipedia's Medicina portal. The aim is to provide concise, well-written and referenced entries for health and information specialists, and health professionals who are interested in approaching their management of information in a systematic fashion.

Spanish language curators

  • Ana Patricia Ayala, Instruction and Faculty Liaison Librarian, Gerstein Science Information Centre, University of Toronto Libraries (CANADA) 800px-Flag of Canada.svg.png
  • Marta Millaret, Medical Librarian, Catalan Agency for Health Information, Assessment and Quality, Barcelona (SPAIN) Spain flag.png

Top Ten Files in Spanish, A to Z

Stay tuned ...

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