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Guus van den Brekel, medical librarian, University Medical Center Groningen, Netherlands Nl flag.png
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Guus van den Brekel is currently the Coordinator of Electronic Services at the Central Medical Library of the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) in the Netherlands. He is a medical information specialist and information technology (IT) coordinator, and is responsible for library services development and innovation at UMCG. During his time as coordinator, he has implemented the library's Metalib system (RUGCombine), SFX implementation (RUGLinks) and its electronic reference desk. Guus is well-known for his work with emerging technologies. He has delivered workshops and presentations and puts a strong focus in his work on "where users are". He believes in exploring relevant user environments, and in using web-based technologies and web 2.0. Guus is known internationally for his Library Toolbar which he described in "Into the User Environment". The use of "Library widgets" is also one of his areas of interest, including the development of a Netvibes platform.

Guus has a keen interest in Second Life and multi-user virtual environments (MUVEs). Thanks to an NLM grant, he pursued in-world library services in his 2006 project entitled "Providing consumer health outreach and library programs to virtual world residents in Second Life". A later project worked to create exhibits, programs, and awareness about virtual world access for Second Life residents, especially those with disabilities. You can find Guus on the DIGICMB blog and via Twitter Guus also curates and self-publishes the Doctors 2.0 daily. He is the first international medical librarian to participate on the HLWIKI advisory.


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