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Android 6.0 home screen
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Google Android (also Android) is an open-source operating system (OS) for mobile devices (e.g. smart phones, tablets), developed by the Open Handset Alliance and led by Google. As a competitor to iOS (the OS developed by Apple), the Android offers a touch-based multimedia interface and applications that rival Apple's "App Store." Android is an open-source product and developed by a consortium of enthusiasts and programmers, so any developer can create devices that run on Android; thus any software developers can create apps for the Android without paying license fees or getting permissions. Android is thus more "open" than iOS. Android devices come in a wide range of formats and price points. In addition, several start-ups produce medical translation apps; see, for example, Canopy Medical Translator.

Google Play & Android for Medicine

There are a large number of Android applications classed as "medical" and available in the Android Market. The following list is not meant to be exhaustive or constitute an endorsement of any particular app. For high quality reviews of mobile applications for medical professionals see iMedicalApps. See Google Play music, books, movies, apps and games in one place, accessible on the Web and via any Android device

Clinical Apps

  • Mobile applications for tablets and smartphones have the capacity to make any nurse or nursing student’s life easier. NCLEX study apps for those seeking their license are comprehensive and offer specialized modules for different parts of the test. Flashcard apps, human anatomy references, prescription drug encyclopedias, and medical dictionaries make it easy to look up facts. General productivity apps like Evernote and Dropbox make life easier by streamlining scheduling and other tasks, and offer synced calendars and event reminder functions.
  • Epocrates RX 4-star.gif is an easy to use interface, available for iOS and Blackberry devices. The basic drug reference tool is free with other reference products available via subscription (free 1-month trial)
  • Drug reference, including OTC drugs. Organized by drug classes. Interaction checker and Pill ID.
  • Disease reference: summaries of conditions: highlights & basic information, Hx/Exam, tests, treatments, differential diagnosis, complications, images, citations and news
  • Infectious diseases reference: browse by system, organism or class
  • Lab tests include information on interpretation, reference ranges, prep and collection procedures, costs
  • Calculators, tables
  • Eponyms are diseases named after their founders. Descriptions for 1700 medical eponyms are avilable with links to Google and Wikipedia; a clean simple interface organized by categories and based on systems and specialties; data is from Yee's Medical Eponym page.
  • Lexicomp is a paid product with a free trial to a suite of point-of-care tools, reference sources (Lexi-Drugs, Infectious Deseases, Natural Products, etc.) and texts (Stedman's, Harrison's, 5-Minute Clinical Consult). Each product/database can be purchased individually. Poor design and lack of search functionality limits usefulness
  • MPR: Monthly Prescribing Reference is a prescription and OTC drug reference; it's free to access with a clear interface. Information is not as comprehensive as many tools.
  • Organized by target system and diseases.
  • Basic information: legal and pharmacological class, manufacturer, general description, indications, recommended dosage, contraindications, warnings & precautions, interactions, format. Limited number of medical calculators.
  • Drugs, OTCs & herbals: dosing, adverse effects, contraindications & warnings, interaction checker; pregnancy and lactation, brands and costs, pharmacology
  • Diseases & conditions: prganized by specialty: overview, clinical presentation, differential diagnosis, workup, treatment & management, and medications
  • Procedures & protocols: overview of topics by category or clinical specialty. Includes categories such as overview, clinical presentation, differential diagnosis, treatment & management, medication and follow-up.
  • Medical news, directory
  • Directory of physicians, pharmacies: American only.
  • QxMD 4-star.gif is a collection of medical calculators that has been made freely available e.g. Cardiology, Emergency, Pediatrics, etc.
  • Skyscape 4-star.gif provides free and paid versions of a suite of medical information products
    • MedAlert (free): News alerts by specialty. Nicely designed reading environment.
    • Archimedes (free): 100+ basic medical calculators.
    • RxDrugs: (free) Standard prescription and OTC drug reference. Extensive information. Includes Canadian specific content.
    • Oulines in clinical medicine: (free) Overviews of diseases, symptoms and signs. Search-able.
    • Store: (paid): collection of medical information resources: Stedman's, 5-Minute Clinical Consult, Netter's Atlas of Human Anatomy, ACP PIER, Fitzpatrick's Atlas, Harrison's, Harriet Lane Handbook.

Research Apps

  • EBSCOhost Mobile for Android and iOS
    • Early stage of development. Access is via institutional subscription. Once authenticated allows full access from any network.
    • Full-text access and ability to download PDF files to device.
    • Nice user interface. Limited by lack of advanced search.
    • Includes access (Via UBC) to: Ageline, Biomedical Reference Collection: Comprehensive, CINAHL with Full Text, Medline with Full Text, Mental Measurements Yearbook, PsychARTICLES, PsychBOOKS, PsychINFO, PsychEXTRA.
  • PubChase Discover biomedical research of interest to you
  • SciVerse ScienceDirect
    • provides access via institutional subscription
    • once authenticated allows full access from any network
    • Full-text access

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