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Session title

  • What: Digging Deeper for Understanding: Using Information Smarts in a Digital World

Handouts & powerpoints

What is Google 2.0?

  • Google is a media company as well as a search engine
  • Increasingly, the tools they provide to users help them to engage, collaborate and socialize
  • Google 2.0 is the second generation search company
  • Understanding Media by Understanding Google, 2014

Simple Googling (Slides 4,5)

  1. Find exact document, website or ‘known-item’ (type words into search box)
  2. Search for “Exact phrase” (use “quotations”)
  3. Define word define: “web 2.0”
  4. Sports scores? Type in: South Africa 2010
  5. Search for pdfs, powerpoint slides or Word documents?
  6. "web 2.0" filetype:pdf
  7. allintitle: 21st Century Learning filetype:ppt
  8. allintitle: “Google for educators” filetype:doc

Advanced search screens

Basic Google for Educators (Slides 4,5)

  1. YouTube and
  2. Google Documents (use with Google talk)
  3. Google books search full text books
  4. Google news search worldwide news sources (and news as timeline)
  5. Google blogsearch search the latest scoop
  6. Google scholar search scholarly sources

Resources for teachers

For advanced Googlers

see also Out Google Part II

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