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Women and their partners are encouraged to talk about their health
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Gender issues in health is both an established domain in health care, and one that is emerging due to the demand for diversity and recognition of transitional gender identities. Further this topic examines health conditions and ailments that affect biological female and male (and trans people) differently. In the 21st century, all kinds of questions are being asked about how the genders can be cared for properly across the lifespan as they move through the health care system. Questions about the quality of patient care that they receive, including the elderly and those in ethnic populations, have generated an interest in change, but new mandates by various levels of government have also prompted calls for change. Among several areas in health care, there seems to be growing awareness of the need to initiate better research and studies that identify gender issues in health care delivery, and to recognize and assess disease symptoms in this context. This extends to areas such as the improvement of diagnosis and prognosis based on gender, and gender issues as they affect health generally.


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