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Canadians affected by the 2013 floods in Western Canada will need to be aware of health problems after waters subside
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In mid-2013, Alberta, Canada, experienced heavier than usual rainfall levels that triggered catastrophic flooding along the southern half of the province along the Bow, Elbow, Highwood, Oldman, Sheep and Red Deer rivers and its tributaries. As water levels rose and communities were placed under evacuation orders, it was confirmed that four people had died as a result of the floods, and 100,000 people had been displaced. As of June 28th, most areas of Calgary have returned some semblance of normalcy though a number of public health threats remain.

Calgary Mayor Nenshi has been praised for his handling of the flood and in getting information out to Calgarians. (https://twitter.com/nenshi) Calgary Public Library is also disseminating useful information via its Facebook page.

Calgary & Medicine Hat (Health info)


First Nations communities

Siksika First Nation, one hour east of Calgary, showing severe flood damage, June 24th, 2013

Emergency information

  • Alerts are issued by the communities where a disaster or emergency is occurring
  • View map of Alberta with latest information on road conditions and closures.
  • For farmers and agriculture producers, including animal care during and after a flood.

Financial assistance

Social media emergency management (SMEM)

Weather and climate data

  • Browse 10,000 maps of Alberta weather and climate information, and access data from over 350 meteorological stations

Health & safety during cleanup

  • Recovering from a disaster is difficult. Cleanup can be very messy and protracted.

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Disaster health information for consumers

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Disaster Health Information Email lists

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