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This is a growing list of EBM and EBP-related information mastery courses that are currently being offered around the world. If your organization wants your workshop or course added, please send a quick e-mail to the wiki administrator. To read a bit more about evidence-based health care, see the files above.

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Canadian context

McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario is arguably the birthplace of evidence-based medicine, and the more recent reframing of it as evidence-based health care. Several major figures in the EBM movement meet annually in Hamilton Ontario (Canada) for workshops and discussions about evidence-based practice. Some of key international figures in the EBM arena include Gordon Guyatt, Deborah Cook, Victor Montori, Scott Richardson and Holger Schünemann. Health librarians from across Canada apply to participate in this annual pilgrimage but several McMaster librarians host the workshop for other interested health librarians and work to integrate them into the various How to teach EBCP workshops. Two key librarians in this regard are Neera Bhatnagar and Liz Bayley. The University of Alberta hosts a similar workshop called Putting Evidence Into Practice and invites participation from librarians locally such as the experienced Marlene Dorgan and Linda Slater. Between the UofA and McMaster, Canada is a leader in this area.


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