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Elizabeth Uleryk (now retired) was born and raised in Montreal and attended McGill University where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in History (Canadian Studies) and a Master of Library Sciences degree. Her first "library job" was as a student position at the Royal Victoria Hospital Medical Library in Montreal which prepared her for a career in health librarianship. She observed librarians planning a move, learned reference skills and became familiar with health resources. After her MLS, Uleryk worked as a reference librarian at McGill University's Medical Library, an experience which added to her knowledge of interlibrary loans (ILL) in the pre-Docline, pre-'Racer' world. Uleryk remembers checking in bound catalogue volumes to locate books in old red Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (CISTI) catalogues. She recalls sending ILL requests to various supplying libraries on typed four-part ALA forms. At McGill, Uleryk was eventually promoted to computer services librarian.

In 1979, Uleryk applied for a position at the University of Toronto's Gerstein library. In 1980, as her contract ended at UofT, she applied at McMaster's Health Sciences Library, and was hired as the reference and circulation librarian. She was acting head from August 1982 to July 1983, after which she took maternity leave. Over the next ten years, Uleryk worked part-time on contract and taught at Sheridan College's library technician's program. In 1993, Uleryk joined The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto as library director. In addition to administrative and supervisory duties, she teaches searching, performs Cochrane systematic review searches and does reference work. In 2004, Uleryk assumed responsibility for the Hospital Archives. From 1999 to 2006, Uleryk co-chaired the Curriculum Support Working Group of the Health Science Information Consortium of Toronto where she developed and taught database searching in the undergraduate medical and graduate clinical epidemiology program. Uleryk was active in the Toronto chapter of CHLA/ABSC (Canada) and served as President-Elect, President and Past-President (1982-84). She was twice CHLA/ABSC (Canada) conference co-chair in 1996 and chair in 2005. She co-authored three papers, and was acknowledged for contributions in many others. In 2003, Uleryk was named the CHLA/ABSC (Canada) Canadian Hospital Librarian of the Year.


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