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Elisheba Muturi on winning the 2011 CHLA/ABSC Emerging Leader Award
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Elisheba Muturi is a graduate of UBC's School of Library, Archival and Information Studies (SLAIS). Muturi is a Policy Analyst with the Pharmaceutical Services Division, BC Ministry of Health. In this role, she supports evidence-based policy analysis and decision making by researching the clinical, social, ethical and economic implications of drugs and technologies. She also trains pharmacists in literature searching. In a previous role, she led community outreach programs to promote medication safety and health literacy. Prior to the Ministry of Health, she worked at UBC, SFU and Burnaby Public Library. As a medical librarian and consumer health specialist, she is passionate about the dissemination of health information to both clinicians and patients. Her areas of interest include: global health, emerging technologies for health information, health literacy, collaborative health care, and electronic health records. She’s currently leading a research study on innovation in BC Health Authority libraries.

Muturi engages various community partners in order to promote the fundamental concepts in health information literacy. Her current interests are to integrate social media and other technologies into educational strategies within the government. Sheba blogs at Social Health Matters - http://shebamuturi.wordpress.com/. At the 2011 CHLA/ABSC Conference, Sheba was the awarded the 2011 CHLA / ABSC Emerging Leader Award. She is a member of the Health Libraries Association of British Columbia (HLABC).


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