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Docphin's personalized dashboard via website
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Docphin ("doctors' — personalized health information network") is a personalized news and journal dashboard created for physicians. Docphin is an app for users to read journals from iOS or Android devices. As such, Docphin is compatible with the iPad but optimized for the iPhone 5. The Docphin app is available for free in both the iTunes and Google Play store.

Docphin the best way to keep up with medical research is simple to use and helpful in aggregating research from medical journals, news media and Twitter. Docphin allows users to organize their favourite papers, read articles and track medical information from various sources within a single dashboard. The result is similar to the Netvibes dashboard or an RSS reader, and includes features such as installable widgets for tracking diverse content such as medical tweets, websites and social media.


  • Customize your journal list from over 5000 journals
  • Organize and save your favorite articles
  • Annotate PDFs that you easily obtained through Docphin
  • Share folders of articles with your friends, colleagues, and research group
  • Save your institution's proxy login so you don't have to keep typing in your login every time you want full text articles
  • Receive Alerts for when articles are released about your research interests or from authors you follow
  • Trending lets you see what others like you are reading, sharing, discussing & saving
  • Search page lets you search UpToDate,, journals, news, medical images and video
  • Customized Twitter feeds let you follow medical societies and experts from over 20 different specialties
  • Manage information in a combined current awareness, Mendeley and RSS

Pros & cons

One of the benefits of the platform is its integration with hospital libraries. Docphin has partnered with the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) and includes content from MedEdPORTAL. Instead of using browsers to search for papers, Docphin serves as an integrated portal to access information quickly without using a web browser or going through different logins and portals. This speeds up access to the medical literature when you need it. Docphin also removes the need to use a mobile browser to access and store PDF files on a mobile device. The search feature is, apparently, not advanced yet.

Docphin was available a small group of institutions initially such as Columbia University, Cornell University, Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, Northwestern University, New York University, Stanford University, University of California-San Diego, University of Chicago, University of Michigan, University of Pennsylvania, University of Washington, and Washington University in St. Louis. However, in late 2012, it is now available to more than 90 universities and institutions. For updates on Docphin, see the Docphin blog.

Other reading apps

  • BrowZine, a virtual magazine stand, works by organizing articles found in open access and subscription databases, uniting them into complete journals, then arranging journals on an integrated newsstand; it is an easy and familiar way to read and monitor scholarly journals such as Elsevier, SAGE, Emerald, Wiley, and more. There are iPad, Android tablet and iPhone apps. You can save articles to your device to read offline.


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