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I want to thank those who provided support while I went on study leave. During my sabbatical, I wrote several academic papers, published and shared others and presented research at the WILU Information Literacy Conference in Kelowna BC in May 2008 at the 2008 Campbell Collaboration in Vancouver, B.C., and again in Winnipeg.


Canadian Council on Learning - Work Placement

Courses taken

Between January 2007 and April 2009, I took ten courses in the Educational Studies department, Faculty of Education:

  1. ADHE 540, Locating Oneself in Global Learning I (3 credits)
  2. ADHE 541, Adult Learning: Contexts and Perspectives (3 credits) - here is my final paper
  3. EDST 575, Work and Learning (3 credits)
  4. ADHE 542, Fostering Learning in Practice (3 credits)
  5. ADHE 544, Global/Local Learning (3 credits)
  6. ADHE 543, Understanding Research (3 credits)
  7. ETEC 520, Planning and Managing Learning Technologies in Higher Education (3 credits)
  8. ADHE 540 - Locating Oneself in Global Learning II
  9. Directed study - Creating a social software course - LIBR559M
  10. Final capstone project

Directed study

Manuscripts reviewed

As a peer-reviewer, I was asked to comment on the articles in the following journals:

Media interviews

  1. CBC Radio I - Interview. April 17th, 2007, Launch day for Open medicine.
  2. Digital media, Web 2.0 and pre-Gutenberg knowledge-making
  3. "How information becomes free at UBC"
  4. Librarianship and handling the media
  5. "The new librarians". Tim Johnson. University Affairs. December 2007
  6. Open collaboration, open medicine - librarians & physicians
  7. (Italian interview) Medline or PubMed? A face-off. Il Pensiero Scientifico, June 13th, 2007
  8. Hands C. Trust me; trust me not. Student BMJ May 2007
  9. WHO adopts Wikipedia approach for key update. Canadian Press, May 2nd 2007

Open medicine - open access journal

An exciting project I participated in during my sabbatical was the formation of Open Medicine.

Dr. Anita Palepu and I presented a talk at the 2008 BCLA Conference about Open Medicine.


These posters are at the draft stages. The first is a study to be published in a medical journal in 2008 once we complete the manuscript; the second for a conference in May 2008.

Presentations 2007 -- 2008

  1. Palepu & Giustini. Open Medicine: One year of independent, open access scholarly publishing. BCLA Conference, Saturday, April 19, 3:45-5:00pm.
  2. Durland W, Giustini D, Thompson T. Finding Grey Literature - Campbell Collaboration, May 2008, Vancouver, B.C.
  3. Naslund J, Giustini D. Curriculum mapping to adult learning theory: is information literacy still relevent in a web 2.0 world? May 2008 WILU Conference. Kelowna, BC. UBCO.
  4. Giustini & Barsky. A continuing education workshop at the Canadian Health Libraries Association Annual Conference. May 2007
  5. Giustini & Barsky. Using social software in health libraries. 2007
  6. Giustini D. Invited presentation. "How web 2.0 is changing medicine." Emerging Trends in Scholarly Publishing, April 2007. Washington, DC. (Powerpoint presentation)


  1. Giustini D, Inglis J. CHLA/ABSC Factsheet on Podcasting. 2007
  2. National Library of Medicine Visit, Bethesda, Maryland - April 2007
  3. NLM Visit interviews - Robin Featherstone and Courtney Crummett
  4. Sir Iain Chalmers - Interview
  5. Vancouver Hospital Foundation - Yurkovich donation 2007


  1. Naslund & Giustini. Towards school library 2.0: an introduction to social software tools for teacher-librarians. School Library Journal, in press, July 2008.
  2. Cho A, Giustini D. Web 3.0 and health librarians: an introduction. JCHLA/JABSC 29:13-18, 2008.
  3. Cho A, Giustini D. The Semantic Web as a Large, Searchable Catalogue: a Librarian’s Perspective" The Semantic Universe. Oct 2007
  4. Barsky E, Giustini D. Web 2.0 in physical therapy: a practical overview. Physiotherapy Canada, 2008; 60(3): 207-215.
  5. Giustini D. Web 3.0 and medicine: make way for the semantic web. British Medical Journal. 2007;335:1273-1274.
  6. Giustini D. How web 2.0 is changing medicine. British Medical Journal 2006 333(7582): 1283-84.
  7. Barsky E, Giustini D. Introducing web 2.0: wikis for health librarians. Journal of the CHLA 2007 28(4): 147-150.
  8. Cho A, Giustini D. The semantic web as a large, searchable catalogue: a librarian’s perspective" The Semantic Report, Oct 2007


Top Things I Learned

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