Dean Giustini, UBC Biomedical Branch Librarian – 2018

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Giuseppe Arcimboldo (Italian artist, ca. 1527 – 1593). The Librarian (Wolfgang Lazius), ca. 1562
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  • Updated.jpg 6 September 2018


  • I am a (bio)medical librarian (academic hospital librarian) at UBC's Biomedical Branch Library in the Diamond Health Care Centre, an ambulatory care building at Vancouver General Hospital; there are hundreds of UBC faculty, staff and students at this location
  • I have taught courses on information and tech-related topics at UBC's iSchool, at Langara in the Library and Information program and for the UBC School of Population and Public Health (SPPH).
  • I am currently co-chairing the Indigenous Health Hub (CFLA-FCAB Indigenous Matters Committee) and working towards response to the Truth and Reconciliation process with colleagues.

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