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David S. Crawford, now retired, formerly McGill medical librarian
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David S. Crawford (retired) moved to Montreal in 1972 and over the next thirty years was involved in promoting health libraries in Canada and elsewhere. In 2002, he was appointed McGill University's first Emeritus Librarian. He was a guest Research Librarian at the China Medical University in Shenyang, China, established a linking project between CMU and McGill and taught there on several occasions. In a widely-cited 2000 article in the Bibliotheca Medica Canadiana (BMC) - CHLA/ABSC 25 years on - Crawford describes the formative period of CHLA/ABSC. In 2008, he served as President of the Toronto Medical Historical Club. In addition to his research in medical history, Crawford continues to contribute to health librarianship through his posts to the CANMEDLIB listserv, and by continuing to update and edit the Bibliography of Canadian Health Sciences Periodicals and other bibliographies accessible through his website.


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