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Creating an ebook for portable devices introduces some challenges. Often, making a conversion to a usable format with reasonable support is needed. One intermediate format is MSWord or other word processing software as there is support for fonts, type styles, structure, spelling checking, and other features that can aid in preparation. The fix-up phase may require or benefit from multiple tools. The definition of reasonable depends on the desired outcome and capabilities of the tool. There are proprietary and open-source alternatives:


  • Calibre ebook management is a free and open source e-book library management application developed by users of e-books for users of e-books
  • EPUB to Kindle converter is an application to turn ePub e-books to MOBI format for the Kindle
  • GEBLibrarian allows users of Gemstar to create (from DOC, RTF, HTML, RB & TXT files) and download content to eBook devices
  • has many tools for editing (Infix) and conversion (Gemini and Argus); free trials available
  • LIT Addin for MS Word produces LIT format output (free)
  • Jutoh is a commercial WYSIWYG editor for Mobipocket format files; convert from OpenDocument, HTML and plain text
  • Mobipocket Creator from Mobipocket takes text, HTML, PDF and MS Word; produces Mobipocket PRC files; freeware with all features
  • Par is a package that reformats paragraphs; similar to fmt but better for eBooks
  • PDF Creator converter tool from tenorshare
  • PDF to Word Converter from Doremisoft studio, software to convert PDF to Word, convert pdf to editable Word document on Windows 7, Vista
  • PDF to ePub Converter for iPad/iPhone/iPod, Kindle/Sony Reader and more
  • PDF to epub converter convert to Kindle and HTML
  • PDF Converter software, Windows OS or Mac OS; change pdf to Microsoft Office, images, or find pdf creator, epub creator from pdf files to epub software
  • PDFCropper solves problem with preparing for reading normal sized (A4, B4, C4, letter etc.) PDFs on Sony Reader PRS500/PRS505, iRex Iliad etc
  • PDF tools has converter to Word, Excel, PPT, html, text
  • pdfFactory is a pdf printer driver that converts printable documents into PDFs
  • Primo PDF converts a web page into PDF; works from most any source file
  • Readerworks is a standard free version, while professional version is authoring software
  • RoverSoft has text2image software (RTEXTasImage) to convert text for devices that display images; devices include Zune, Image viewers, Archos video viewers, etc.
  • Scientific and technical documentation utilities offers views and utilities to view and convert; editor.
  • Stanza is an eBook reader and converter from Lexcycle; supports reading from Plain text, HTML, PDF, ePub, Kindle and compressed formats


  • eBook Studio from Palm Digital Media takes text, RTF, HTML, PML (Palm Markup Language), and OPF (Open eBook Package Format); produces PDB files for Palm Readers and eReader and eReaderPro (reader software is free)
  • PDF to SWF/Text Converter- PDF Converter from Enolsoft PDF, Convert PDF in three simple steps.
  • Lit2html - see MacOSX Hints (freeware AppleScript wrapper for ConvertLit)
  • Pages with word processing documents (not page layout documents) click "File --> Export" and choose ePub. Requires August 2010 update and works best with the Pages eBook template.
  • PDF Converter for Mac OS X is for Mac users to convert PDF files to formats you want, including MSWord, PPT, Excel, pictures like jpeg, png, gif
  • Stanza is an eBook reader and converter from Lexcycle
  • Jutoh is a commercial WYSIWYG editor for ePUB and Mobipocket format files, and can convert from OpenDocument, HTML and plain text files. Runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, FreeBSD and Solarix x86.
  • PDF to Flash Converter for Mac is a Flash Converter; best pdf to flash flip book mac software, flash book/magazine creator/maker
  • PDF to Word Converter Mac can assist you to batch convert files to Word documents on Mac OS
  • PDF to EPUB Converter for Mac for Mac can easily help Mac eBook fans to convert PDF to EPUB ebooks from PDF on iPad, iPhone, iTouch, Sony Reader, etc.

Linux, Solaris or FreeBSD

This list includes commercial and free tools:

  • chm2mobi is a small command line tool to convert CHM to mobi, free open source
  • IBSuite stands for image book suite with set of tools to convert ebook to various formats (pdf, chm, html)
  • Par is a package that reformats paragraphs; similar to fmt but better for eBooks
  • Jutoh is a commercial WYSIWYG editor; converts OpenDocument, HTML and plain text; runs on Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, FreeBSD and Solarix x86



  • BBeB Binder creates BBeB (for Sony Reader only) from HTML. Requires Windows .Net 2.0 and Internet Explorer. Check out this discussion
  • FB2 to LRF Converter batch mode fast FB2 to LRF converter. Windows GUI
  • FB2 to mobi light converter from FB2 to Kindle and Mobipocket reader
  • PDF2DJVU is a pdf to djvu converter, open source.
  • JKindleComic is a way to pptimize your two page scanned comics for Kindle; you can split images, resize images, save as PDF, save as .jpg
  • RTF to HTML Freeware converter
  • yWriter is a word processor for writing novels; imports RTF files


  • Calibre utility for working with ebooks including file transfer to SONY Reader and other reading devices. Uses Python. For Windows/Linux/OSX convert HTML, TXT, RTF, LIT and PDF files to LRF and popular e-book formats, such as epub, lit, fb2, mobi, rtf, txt, pdb and others; utilities to download websites and automatically convert them to e-book formats.
  • UnRTF is a command-line program written in C which converts documents in Rich Text Format (.rtf) to HTML, LaTeX, PostScript, and other formats.
  • Poppler fork of Xpdf that does same things, but under active devlopment, and built to be modular and extensible
  • PDF2DJVU pdf to djvu converter, open source.
  • JKindleComic optimize comics for Kindle; split images, resize, save as PDF, .jpg

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