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Reference books, realia and charts in a medical library collection
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Canadian health librarians, current, emerging & past is a list of those health librarians in Canada who have made a mark on our field and within the CHLA/ABSC (Canada). In the list, attention is paid to health and medical librarians who are involved in major international initiatives through their presentations, advocacy and publishing. In addition, the list includes past award winners of the CHLA/ABSC (Canada) such as our emerging leaders, hospital librarians of the year and the lifetime achievement winners. If you have suggestions for additional entries, send them to the e-mail above. Health librarians at the start of their careers are included if they have served as President of the CHLA/ABSC (Canada) or have made major contributions through their teaching, publications and / or community service. The hope is that these librarians can serve as inspiration for librarians entering the field.

Health librarians emerging & current

Health librarians retired & past

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