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Executive roles as defined by CHLA@SLAIS executive


(there are two co-chair positions)

  • Establish goals and objectives for the year, including events, fundraising targets, and other items with approval of Executive Committee
  • Ensure compliance with club bylaws
  • Represent CHLA/ABSC at SLAIS and act as default contact person to student groups, students and faculty at SLAIS and others as appropriate
  • Liaise with CHLA/ABSC when appropriate
  • Liaise with individuals and groups outside of CHLA/ABSC at SLAIS for the purpose of organizing functions
  • Ensure that administrative reports are prepared and submitted to CHLA/ABSC, funding bodies, and other groups as needed
  • Prepare agendas for meetings and chair meetings effectively
  • Maintain communication with other executive members for effective division of duties and tasks


  • Create, maintain and modify student chapter website, wiki, mailing lists and electronic records
  • Add new information such as announcements, upcoming events or news after meetings or as received from other CHLA@SLAIS members
  • Post Meeting Minutes after they have been approved at a regular meeting
  • Regularly check and update any broken links

Communications Director

  • Join the CHLA/ABSC discussion list and pass on to SLAIS chapter members through slais-chla listserv any posting or information on upcoming events, interesting and relevant news, recommended resources, etc
  • Send the Webmaster items to be posted on our website
  • Post upcoming events and meetings to the Students at SLAIS calendar
  • Promote chapter events, which may include preparing and distributing special announcements and posters, sending email to the slais-chla listserv, and other activities
  • Work with other executive members to develop or provide information in support of CHLA Student Chapter communication and promotional activities


  • Keep minutes during meetings, type up minutes and distribute minutes in a timely manner
  • Send minutes to the webmaster for posting, after they have been approved at a regular meeting
  • Maintain the Chapter’s print files, if have


  • Administer and safeguard student chapter funding
  • Keep financial records for the chapter
  • Handle any reimbursement requests for expenses incurred through chapter activities
  • Prepare and submit an annual financial report to LASSA in March stating our current account balance to ensure monies are carried over for the next year

Events Coordinator

  • Canvas student chapter members for interests and ideas for events, including workshops, tours, paper competitions, etc.
  • Initiate contact with, and liaise with speakers, tour facilitators at host institutions, etc.
  • Organize "thank you's" for any facilitators
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