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The CHLA/ABSC Social Media Interest Group <>, formed in 2012, was a special interest group of our national association. Health librarians Laurie Blanchard, Judy Inglis and Dean Giustini were founding members. In year I, a terms of reference were drafted, and put in place our goals for group formation. In 2013, the Social Media Interest Group officially launched its portal of social media best practices. The group also published an overview of its work in the December 2013 issue of JCHLA/JABSC.

Health librarians in Canada are involved in exciting and innovative uses of social media tools. Our aim is to share those narratives (and resources) to inform social media practices, and to improve and enhance access to, and awareness of, information services and resources for others. (See some great examples) Many others are considering the use and implementation of social media tools and resources and would benefit from learning about these experiences. This platform is designed to provide a vehicle to promote the sharing of experiences, ideas and questions with colleagues through virtual networking and information exchange, without the constraints associated with disseminating these experiences through more formal (and sometimes intimidating) avenues for publication and presentation. It is anticipated that use of the platform may also provide some contributors with the support and encouragement needed to consider publishing and presenting their work. See the marketing plan.


  • Laurie Blanchard, Judy Inglis, Dean Giustini, Pat Lee, Marie-Marthe Gagnon, Teodora Constantinescu, Kathryn Ranjit, Angela Osterreicher, Helen Lee Robertson, Michelle Swab


The goals of CHLA/ABSC Social Media Interest Group are to provide health librarians with a platform to:

Social media portal includes

  • a searchable database of social media projects and initiatives of interest to Canadian health librarians
  • evaluated links to guidelines, policies, training objects and other resources related to the development, implementation and evaluation of social media tools and applications (coming soon)
  • best practices may include but are not limited to: descriptions of implementation/use of social media tools and resources in a health library/information services setting; tools or methodologies used for evaluating impact of social media; checklists; “Lessons learned”; evaluations of exemplary information tools and portals of interest to health librarians

Development of portal

Please help develop the portal by taking a few minutes to:

  • contribute to the database and tell us about your initiatives and experiences
  • find projects and information relevant to your needs
  • suggest content, features or enhancements, please send to:


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