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Possible topics for research papers

  • Altmetrics: measuring impact in medicine using social data
  • An assessment of MedlinePlus (U.S.) using the HON criteria
  • Apple iPhone, iPad or Google Android: physicians' access to information on the mobile web
  • Clinical surveillance tools: what role do health librarians have to play?
  • Crisis and disaster management: what role do health librarians play?
  • Documenting grey literature searches: meeting the reproducibility requirements of the systematic review
  • A brief history of Canadian medicine from Champlain to Cochrane
  • Systematic review searching without EMBASE: pros and cons
  • Key sources of information in integrative medical care: a Canadian perspective
  • Key sources of information in evidence-based medicine: a Canadian perspective
  • Key sources of information in ....: a Canadian perspective
  • Predatory journals in medicine: the role of health librarians
  • Health library committees: how to build your power base in the hospital
  • Teaching medical residents: the top five (5) sources of information
  • Telemedicine and the role of the health librarian
  • The future of health librarianship: bleak or bonanza?

Possible topics for research papers

  • Answering basic medical and reference questions in Canadian public libraries: issues and sources
  • Expert searching in Canadian public health promotion
  • Finding the elusive: locating grey clinical trials for the research team
  • Meeting special needs of diverse populations in Canadian health libraries
  • New media, new spaces: renewing Canadian hospital libraries with social technologies
  • Gaming and health literacy: review of the literature
  • The use of gaming to improve health information literacy
  • Searching on the open web: an inventory of open search tools and their coverage
  • The new PubMed - MEDLINE interface: a SWOT analysis
  • A (second) look at Google Scholar and PubMed: comparisons and recommendations
  • Evaluating MedlinePlus (U.S.): what information architecture principles reveal about gold standard websites
  • MedlinePlus as gold standard: a heuristic evaluation of NLM's consumer health information website
  • Critiquing consumer health information (CHI) in Canada: a heuristic evaluation of five key websites
  • Health 2.0: an introduction to the consumer trends of web 2.0
  • Hospital library committees: how to manage your key supporters in the age of Google
  • The informationist in Canada: its impact in hospitals and academic health centres
  • The mobile, digital outreach librarian in clinical settings: paradigm shifts and (re)orientations
  • Who is the most cited? A view of the health library literature and which librarians have the "most impact"
  • Searching in the systematic qualitative review: the use of selective or purposive sampling
  • Truth and reconciliation in Canada: how are medical schools and/or medical and health libraries addressing the TRCC recommendations?


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