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Aggregation via a socially-aware dashboard tool
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"...the ability to aggregate all content authored by a user into a single stream so that friends, family, or other interested parties can see the user’s public activities wherever they occur [is key to the social web]..." — Toward a People Web

'Bloglines (now retired) was a web-based news, RSS and aggregating tool used to monitor really simple syndication (RSS) feeds. Mark Fletcher, the former CEO of ONElist, founded Bloglines in 2003 and sold it to in 2005. Bloglines hosted more than 200 million searchable blogposts as of 2005, and it was widely-viewed as one of the best of breed platforms in the RSS area. In 2007, Bloglines released the iPhone version of its site, and the company released a new public beta version of its main website including new features and functionality such as drag-and-drops in the feed tree and a customizable start page. Bloglines was receding in importance in the web 2.0 space as of 2015 though it continued to operate under a new owner, MerchantCircle. Its main competitors were Google Reader and iGoogle, both of which retired in 2014. As of 2015, Bloglines is no longer operational.


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