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Beverly "Bev" Brown earned an Master of Library and Information Science degree from the University of Western Ontario and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree from the University of Waterloo. She began her career as a technical and reference librarian at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, and later at the University of Manitoba Health Sciences Library. In 1996, she joined CISTI as the DOCLINE Coordinator in Canada and CISTI's representative to the health library community. Later, she was responsible for managing copyright for document delivery and coordinating the work of CISTI's Committee on Health Sciences Information. Brown is now the Program Manager of Scientific Infostructure at CISTI. Her knowledge of the Canadian health library community has been gained through years of experience in health library associations and a term as president of the Canadian Health Libraries Association. At CISTI, Beverly has championed the expansion of DOCLINE and led its work with the health library community. Currently, she is managing activities to expand and exploit the use of digital content, a key strategic initiative for CISTI.


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