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This entry is for an ongoing collections project we are working on to determine the top 100 or so core print Canadian medical books (2005-2010) for purchase by health librarians. The idea for such a list comes from our interactions with the medical community, which has had free access to the "Brandon/Hill Selected List of Books and Journals for the Small Medical Library" and "A Library for Internists: Recommendations from the American College of Physicians" to use in collection development. Our approach to determining the Best Canadian Medical Books is iterative and includes scanning collections, popular texts on sites such as Amazon and Login Brothers Canada as well as Worldcat and various catalogues in academic health and hospital libraries, the National Library of Medicine (U.S.) and CISTI. As investigators, we are working on a reproducible process that can be used annually to update lists of items that we deem important based on quantitative information derived from various websites and listservs. In phase II of our research, we will list the titles, and invite librarians to vote on their relevance, quality and value through a Likert scale system.

What is EXCLUDED from this Phase I list

A to K

The author examines Aboriginal health patterns and the need to understand the cultural context of issues and circumstances that give rise to health problems. An overview of Aboriginal peoples in Canada provides background for the non-specialist. Contemporary healing traditions, self-determination and health care, and current trends in Aboriginal health issues are examined.

This book covers the basic skills needed to perform as a health administrative assistant. Canadian examples, data and illustrations are used and the author draws on her teaching experience to provide real examples and scenarios to make concepts come alive.

  • 3. [Basic surgical techniques]

New material that reflects key practice in Canada, ranging from healthcare systems, to cultural considerations, epidemiology, pharmacology, Web resources, and more.

The 4e (2009) presents concepts every nurse needs to know. Clear writing makes it a favorite of students and faculty. Addresses practice issues, including focus on evidence-based practice, safety and end-of-life care. To meet needs of students, a section on prioritizing has been added and care plans have been expanded to explain assessment. 45 chapters have been adapted to reflect nursing practice in Canada.

The premier physician directory in Canada. Lists ~60,000 doctors, credentials and geographic location; contains the Canadian Medical Association's code of ethics, and separate sections on hospital locations, medical faculties and expert medical witnesses, and areas of expertise.

Comprehensive collection of codes of ethics, standards, or professional guidelines of Canadian professional health associations. Individual codes of ethics are available for each profession (via Web also), but this seems to be the only collection. The 2nd edition was published in 1999.

Comprehensive drug information resource produced by the Canadian Pharmacists Association and includes information on proprietary and nonproprietary Canadian drugs intended for human use.

  • [Direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription drugs in Canada: what are the public health implications?]

  • 17. [Directory of Canadian healthcare personnel]

Contains over 6,500 listings for Canadian health personnel; find clinics and hospitals easily.

Updated CPR standards, review questions, and visuals. Expanded diseases of concern, glossary, pertinent medications, corresponding NOCPs (National Occupational Competency Profiles of the Paramedic Association of Canada).

Annual financial statement with billing figures for BC physicians. Used to determine doctors' salaries; figures are gross billings and do not account for overhead.

The Canadian Health Association publishes this directory of long term care centres in Canada with listings for each province. No e-version available.

This book examines the health, wellness, and illness and the roles each plays in health care. It covers population health, determinants of health, Canada's health care system and its main players. Clearly written and full of great features designed to engage readers.

  • 30. [The Hospital for Sick Children handbook of pediatrics]

L to Z

  • 1. Law and medicine in Canada]

Medical-Surgical Nursing is a popular medical/surgical text used in nursing courses around the world containing solid, research-based content presented in a concise, readable, and consistent format.

Patients are at the centre of health care and are taking more responsibility for their own health. Patient Self-Care: Helping Your Patients Make Therapeutic Choices (PSC) provides practical knowledge for practitioners to initiate patient dialogue, assess and make recommendations for conditions that can be treated without prescription. Evidence-based, quick and easy to use, PSC includes herbals, nondrug therapy, patient information pages, and tables of drug choices.

The first Canadian psychiatric and mental health nursing textbook is now in its second edition. It reflects contemporary Canadian nursing practice and provides thorough coverage of mental health promotion, assessment, and interventions in adults, families, children, adolescents, and older adults.

  • 15. [SARS unmasked : risk communication of pandemics and influenza in Canada]

  • 18. [Squandering billions : health care in Canada ]

Review of specialities (anaesthesia to urology) written in concise form. Colour atlas and CDROM (DigiDoc, an interactive exploration of internal medicine). Very popular with nurses, and allied health professionals. Indispensable for understanding disease processes and management. Arranged by topic (similar to W's in NLM classification). See USMLE series for American medical licensing exam books.

  • 24. [Ultimate Canadian medical encyclopedia: understanding, preventing, and treating medical conditions]

  • 25. [Workbook For Emergency Medical Responder: a skills approach, 3e]


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