August 24th, 2007 minutes

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CHLA / ABSC Student Interest Group - SLAIS

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Present: Catherine Boden (CB), Allan Cho (AC), Dean Giustini (DG), Matthew Hall (MH), Linda Wong (LW), Suher Zaher-Mazawi (SZ).


  1. Opening remarks
  2. Minutes from July 2007 meeting - CB moved to accept our minutes, and MH seconded.
  3. Wiki - there was discussion about the move of the old CHLA/ABSC pbwiki to the new page(s) on the UBC Health library wiki.
  4. Website - DG said that Desy sent an update to the group about her work on a new draft for the website -
  5. New SLAIS departmental clubs - MH brought forward the issue of our constitution and budget, as required by AMS, and whether a working group should be struck to conduct this work.
  6. Fall events - LW provided a list of possible events, and tours, for our student interest group (please see Poll "SLAIS health library tours"). A special thanks goes to VGS for organizing the Pediatric Simulation Observing session. DG set up this calendar -
  7. Old business
  8. Flyer for Orientation Day at SLAIS – CB showed two colourful, excellent drafts of the flyer. There was some discussion about whether a black and white flyer would be adequate.

In full colour

In black & white

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45pm.
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